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Payment terms

Using this site for initial data-processing is entirely free of charge. Various sorting statistics and estimated posting costs are displayed on the site as soon as the processing job is completed. Also avaliable for free download is a sample of your processed data along with a list of un-matched records.

The full set of reports and processed data is made available for download upon payment of the stated fee plus VAT.

Each processing job is invoiced separately and the full amount (without VAT) is displayed on the job acceptence page. The amount can be paid immediately via PayPal, or in certain circumstances we can issue a normal invoice for you.

Please note that an admin charge of £5.00 is added to all normal invoices issued and that full payment is due within seven days unless other payment terms have been agreed. Payment can be made by cheque, BACS or other electronic transfer.

Account customers are invoiced annually and the proocessing fee for each job is therefore set to zero (unless the serice used is not covered by the account).

All prices are subject to change without notice.


In the event that a job has been accepted in error, please contact us immediately and refrain from downloading any data. Unless problems have been identified with the processed data, cancellation will not be accepted if download has already commenced.

Welcome to Mailsort Online.

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Our website is a data-processing service where you can process a mailing list to take advantage of the huge discounts offered by the Royal Mail in connection with the sorted mail schemes they offer, such as Business Mail, Advertising Mail & Publishing Mail (High Sort/Low Sort/Mailmark).

Mailsort Online is a very cost-effective and easy way of getting your data sorted for these services, but you will need to return to the website on a PC or a Mac instead. Some mobile devices have an option to "View Desktop Site" which would also allow you to see the full website.

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